Clarity means everything when it comes to your inventory

It’s more than just buying and selling.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated either.    Xsitra has the tools that combine rich functionality with efficiency while providing strong data driven reporting for all your decisions.

Manage Inbound Inventory
Manage Inbound Inventory
  • Replenishment forecasting tailored to your real-life trends and specific criteria
  • PO generation based on multiple variable criteria including actual sales and trending events
  • Leading techniques for evaluating inventory turnover, item classification and performance
  • Analysis tools for defining the right ordering and replenishment decisions
Manage Supply Chain
Manage Supply Chain
  • Track inventory movement between locations to optimize availablity
  • Business rules capture the essence of your business, vendor terms, re-ordering optimization equations, tax considerations and much more
  • Returns to Vendor and Vendor Credits provide inventory and accounting efficiencies
Manage Sales and Orders
Manage Sales and Orders
  • Multiple Sales Channels: POS, special orders, reoccurring orders, wholesale orders and easily convert quotes into customer orders
  • Customer Relationship Management for tracking and reporting of all customer interactions
  • Ordering, shipping, layaway, delivery, customer accounts and reporting are seamlessly interfaced with inventory and accounting modules
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